I provide private consultations, out patient  treatment  and surgery for orthopaedic and trauma conditions at the Nuffield Hospital, Leamington Spa and at The BMI Meriden hospital in Coventry.



The initial consultation is a critical step in the path to an exact diagnosis of any condition you may have and the treatment that is required.

I will ask you a number of questions about the condition you have, such as the physical symptoms, when it started, when it affects you the most, the changes of the condition over time, the location of any pain, stiffness, swellings and the difficulties the condition is causing. I may ask about generalised symptoms such as fatigue, depression and sleep.  I may also ask about previous illnesses and your general background.  All information you provide is confidential.

I will want to get a complete picture of the condition and its effect on your life so that I can provide you with the best possible diagnosis and advice.

A clinical examination will almost certainly be needed . Please feel free to bring a carer or chaperone along if you wish.

Depending on the complexity of your condition I may need to undertake some tests and arrange a follow up consultation.  In the majority of cases, I can provide a diagnosis on the first consultation.

Once we have a clear diagnosis I will be able to discuss the treatment options with you.  At this stage you can choose to continue with private treatment or I can refer you to the NHS.

Initial consultations will cost £200 and approximately £100 for any follow up consultations if required.  These fees should be paid by your insurance company or you can pay yourself if you do not have private medical insurance.


I offer a wide range of upper limb and hand treatments (injections, physiotherapy  and surgery)  for conditions which include:

Elbow conditions –  Fractures, tennis and golfers elbow, arthritis and  nerve decompressions.

Wrist – Surgery including arthroscopy of the wrist, carpal instability, scaphoid fractures and other carpal bone and ligament problems, arthritis of the trapezium, dequervains tenosynovitis, Hand Surgeryrheumatoid surgery, replacement or fusion of wrist and hand joints.

Hand surgery – All hand conditions such as Dupuytrens contracture, lumps and bumps such as ganglia. Nerve compressions such as Carpal  tunnel syndrome, Radial  and ulnar nerve compressions, trigger fingers, tendon injuries of all type including complex flexor tendon repair or reconstructions, nerve repairs, grafting, scar revision, fractures, dislocations and joint replacements.

Physiotherapy Recovery Programmes

Where physiotherapy is required, I work closely with a very experienced upper limb Physiotherapist, Elaine Carr, to provide a full recovery programme for my patients.  

Elaine treats all the conditions that respond best to physiotherapy and also provides all the physiotherapy and wound care  for our  patients after surgery.


For more information or to make an appointment please contact us by telephone or e mail the office, or click here and complete our contact form


Nuffield Hospital, Leamington Spa:  01926 436310  or  01926 436332
BMI Meridan, Coventry: 02476 647070