My consultation fees are as follows:

New consultations:  £200
Follow up consultations:  £100

Injections of steroid for hand and elbow conditions; an additional £100


Surgery Fees:

My surgical fees for common operations are almost always at, or close to, the following:

Carpal tunnel £350

Removal  of trapezium £750

 Dupuytrens £550- £750

(Remember, if you are insured, your insurance company will pay all or most of these costs together with the Hospital and Physiotherapy fees)


How do I pay?

Insured patients

I am recognised by all the usual Insurance companies including BUPA, although occasionally BUPA will direct patients with particular budget plans to other surgeons who have agreed to participate in these plans. On a matter of principle, I have not  signed up for these since it restricts the most important aspect of private practice – your choice to see whoever you wish.  I note that this particular practice is under investigation from the Competition Commission OFT – Office of Fair Trading, who are concerned that the insurance companies have drifted away from insuring patients to managing who they see instead. I do not agree with this restriction of patient choice.

My fees are almost invariably within BUPA guidelines anyway, though from time to time there are small shortfalls and the patient is asked to cover this. Usually the sums are very small, amounting to a few pounds for consultations and injections to a maximum of a hundred or so, on rare occasions, for some operations. Fees have remained much the same for the last 12 years and represent very good value compared to other type of professional fees such as accountants and lawyers. Fees are always available from the office and probably should be checked with your insurance provider in advance.

Pay as you go patients

If you do not have insurance you can pay for consultations and surgery yourself.  My fees are identical for insured and non-insured patients.

For surgical procedures my fees are only part of the overall cost but there are special fixed price packages arranged by the hospital for operations which are usually reasonable and can easily be obtained by phoning the hospital where you  plan to have your surgery.  I would  advise checking with the hospital  before committing yourself to any surgery.  ‘Pay as you go’  is a good way of buying individual treatment without committing to longer term insurance.


I also operate in the local NHS hospitals.  If you come for a private consultation and you then need surgery, you can choose to have the surgery privately or be transferred to the NHS for surgery.   The surgery is the same, although there are sometimes delays and some lack of choice.  The environment and individual medical attention are a little different of course but the NHS is for you to use,  so many patients find a combination of private and NHS suits them well.  I am very happy to provide a private consultation only service, or, both private consultation and treatment.